JB Mino

JB Mino grew up in La Roche Sur Foron. At the age of 16 he started to dance and met Tatiana, with whom he began to learn Lindy Hop. He attended classes with Andy Spitz in Lyon and met Thomas Blacharz - the founder of the SwingJammerz. This meeting changed his life: he decided to move to Montpellier to improve Lindy Hop and learn how to teach it. Formed by the Ninjammerz among others, he has developed a very dynamic style that allows him to win competitions everywhere in Europe. His teaching is based on the technique of leading and following.

Daria Chupyrkina

Daria Chupyrkina is one of the most talented Russian swing dancers. She began his career at the tender age of 7 and studied coherography, modern jazz, dance tap and as an actress and singer in a school for musicians. She discovered the Boogie Woogie in 2007 and Lindy Hop a few years later. Since she turned 18 in 2009, Daria has already managed to win a number of high-level competitions in both Russia and the rest of the world and has literally fallen in love with lindy hop.

Manuel Micheli

Manuel Micheli started to dance at the age of three and worked many years in the classical ballet. In 2008, he approached the world of Jazz Dances, starting to study together with the best Italian teachers. In 2010, he moved to Rome to open the Swing Cats school and continued his training from the most renowned international teachers, participating in many Italian and international festivals, as well as in many competitions, making himself known for the quality of movement, technique and expressiveness. He had been hired for the television program of Rai Dancing with the Stars as Choreographer Master of Charleston and Boogie Woogie for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 seasons.

Genia Tsvietkova

Genia’s dancing story begun when she was 6 years old. She discovered Lindy Hop in 2006 and danced Boogie Woogie (competing, teaching). She is also a big fan of Blues. Genia had been teaching in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, France, Belgium, Taiwan; she won many competitions in Ukraine, also the LHCC in Vilnius in 2012, the Strictly competition in Dragon Swing 2012, and the Fast Feet competition in Herrang 2018. Since 2015 Genia is part of the project Shiny Stockings Chorus Line in Kiev. During the last period she has been involved in many great routines as well as in the show “The Jazz Age” with Shiny Stockings Chorus Line and Kyiv Rhythm Kings band.

Jure Rus

Jure Rus has been dancing swing since 2011. Since then he has taken lessons from Nejc Zupan and Darja Ovsenik, Mihaela Jurkovič, Janez Šepetavc and Petra Robek, Eva Počivavšek. He attended several international festivals such as Manning Mania, Atlantic Swing Festival, Herräng, Sofia Swing Dance Festival, Express your Swing, Zagreb Swing City Festival. In 2015 he won the Jack'n'Jill competition at the Zagreb Swing City Festival and also at the Swing Morja in Sonca. In 2017 he reaches second place at the Swing City Festival and third place at the Show Case in Budapest. 

Špela Premelč

Špela Premelč starts swing dancing in 2013. Her first teachers of "six-count" and Lindy Hop are Krištof Zupančič and Tjaša Pečavar (Swing kids, Ljubljana), Igor Dobnikar and Katja Kumše together with Aleš Kolar (Vintage Swing, Ljubljana). She also dances Boogie Woogie with Nina Kononenko (No Sweat, Ljubljana) and Only Jazz with Katja Hrastar Završnik. She regularly attends classes in several swing festivals in Europe. Špela begins to teach lindy hop in 2013 with Tom Čebular in local clubs in Novo Mesto. Since February 2015 she is a teacher at Studio Dansa in Ljubljana, where she teaches with Nejc Zupan and, this year, also with Metod Javornik Jure Rus.

Francesca Lunardi

Francesca Lunardi has always loved body-mind disciplines. She has been teaching Pilates since 2012 and running her own school since 2016. She has been experimenting with the Pilates method in all its potential for many years. Francesca is also specialized in hatha yoga, postural gymnastics and athletic training for dance and karate.